Raising Capital: An Overview of South Africa’s Top VC Funds [and where the first Unicorn will come from in Africa]

Over the past 4 years since returning to South Africa, I’ve started 3 different businesses and each time I’ve come across the same challenge: raising capital investment. Typically, the process of raising capital runs along the angel investor route of family and friends. I’ve been fortunate enough to raise a moderate amount of seed capital to […]

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Push Button Coffee

We all love coffee, right? It’s no wonder its the second most traded commodity in the world and according to numerous reports in the media and also from research houses like Euromonitor – the market is booming, and this has indicatively lead to the expansion and diversification of coffee retail outlets across the country. But […]

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Social Network for Bikers

My dad is very involved in the biking community. From my discussions with him it seems like biking communities in general are under serviced through technology. So this is an overview of a business idea I’m toying with… It’s a social network for bikers. Business overview This company helps the biking community get the most […]

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South Africa’s future mobile marketing landscape [and a possible ‘war’ between banks and telecoms companies]

It’s inevitable that smartphone adoption in the South African market will eventually reach a tipping point. Supporting this viewpoint, is the fact that one of South Africa’s largest telecoms operators will only sell smartphones from 1 January 2015 and with cheaper smartphone handsets coming onto the market it’s only a matter of time… and probably in […]

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How to calculate Earned Media Value (EMV)

There is quite a lot of talk lately about how to calculate the Earned Media Value (EMV) of a campaign, so I thought I would take a stab at it myself as its becoming quite an important area of focus especially when brands embark on any socially lead campaign strategy. So what is EMV exactly? Well, […]

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Pirated movie Smart TV app

Downloading movies or at least the sharing of downloaded movies is common place these days. While I don’t condone the use of pirating movies, I have been with friends who are in possession of a shed load of movie files, which do not include information about the films themselves, so they wind up being forced […]

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How to launch a event ticketing sales business on mobile [Part 5 – Mobile Media]

Following on from part 4 of this 5 part series, herewith is: Section 5 – Mobile Media The critical consideration that you must factor in before deciding on what mobile media to use in your business or brand Why advertising doesn’t always mean sales The 5 core mobile media channels used by mobile marketers The differences between SMS, MMS, […]

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How to launch a event ticketing sales business on mobile [Part 4 – Customer Acquisition and Retention]

Following on from part 3 of this 5 part series, herewith is: Section 4 – Customer Acquisition and Retention The difference between customer acquisition and customer retention The customer brand experience spectrum and the strategies required within each stage of that experience The drivers of customer churn in a mobile economy the importance of brand messages vs […]

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