How to launch a event ticketing sales business on mobile [Part 1 – Mobile Insights]

The following series of posts is for anyone interested in how to successfully take a brands product and message into the modern mobile economy. It’s applicable if you’re working within a digital agency, as a marketer in a business environment or you might simply be a student who is interested in learning the essentials of successful mobile marketing.


The whole notion of “mobile first” is nothing new – however, most brands struggle to understand what this means for them and how they should best implement it. You see, while marketers increasingly recognize the value of mobile as a marketing platform, most brands are barely engaging with it. (or don’t know how to)  Ironically however, we all realize that mobile is the next ‘big thing’ that you need to be thinking about in your business whether you sell insurance, candy floss, or any other product / service that you are thinking of launching into the digital economy.

Over the past ten years, through consulting with businesses, startups, brands and agencies; what I’ve become very aware of is how many people still don’t understand the intricacies and the challenges you’ll face when looking at taking a brand or business into the mobile economy. e.g. there are so many brands who don’t still don’t design their websites or brand experiences for the mobile web, or don’t even understand what mobile media to use when marketing a businesses value proposition.

In this post series, you will discover the essential framework required for any marketer to tell a brands story and take it’s message, into the mobile economy.

This course has been designed in the context of how to launch a mobile-based ticketing business using a mobile platform. However the principles have been designed to help you launch any brand or business using mobile.

Section 1 – Mobile Insights

  • Why brands have failed to define a mobile marketing strategy
  • 5 key mobile marketing myths and the impacts they have on mobile strategy
  • What defines a mobile device from a marketers perspective and the three key groups of mobile phones
  • How consumers are using their mobile phones today and why developed economies are no different from developing economies

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