How to launch a event ticketing sales business on mobile [Part 3 – Building for Mobile]

Following on from part 2 of this 5 part series, herewith is:

Section 3 – Building For Mobile

  • The common pitfalls and challenges you’ll face when building for mobile and more importantly how to avoid them
  • Why building for mobile is different to building for web
  • How and why user input controls effect the mobile experience
  • How to deliver a seamless mobile experience for your business and the underlying technology you must have to support it
  • Why user contexts impact the mobile solution you take to market
  • The importance of proximity relevance to in mobile development
  • The spectrum of mobile users and its impact on mobile design
  • Mobile web vs Mobile Apps – what do you really need for your brand?

Click here for Section 4 – Customer Acquisition and Retention.

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