Pirated movie Smart TV app

Downloading movies or at least the sharing of downloaded movies is common place these days.

While I don’t condone the use of pirating movies, I have been with friends who are in possession of a shed load of movie files, which do not include information about the films themselves, so they wind up being forced to flip through the individual movies and are literally forced to watch the first few minutes or at least skip through the movie in order to determine whether its worth watching or not.

However, now with the availability of Smart TV’s I had an idea for an Smart TV app…

Typically the movies are played off an external HD, so this app could scan the HD for the movie name and then┬ámake use of the TV’s internet connectivity to search movie sites like IMDB and then scrape specific information about the film that would be useful e.g. community rating, artwork, actors and film overview/description.

Note: scraping copyrighted content isn’t appropriate but as these movies have been pirated anyway, it seems to fall into the same ballpark of acceptability from a users perspective.

Anyhow, thought that would be quite a simple way to solve the users problem of not having any movie synopsis / information available for pirated films.


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